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Want A Free Xbox360?

Starting May 22nd for a limited time, Microsoft has a special offer which allows college students to receive a free Xbox 360 with the purchase of a new Windows 7 PC costing $699 or more. If you are interested in this oppurtunity read more about it after the jump

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Windows Phone 7 Multitasking Shown Off On Video

No one was surprised when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and pals discussed the future of Windows Phone 7 multitasking during Monday’s keynote at Mobile World Congress — the company has covered its forthcoming multitasking solution for third-party apps on several occasions in the past. As we all know, it will work much like Apple’s solution. Apps […]

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7 Good Reasons to Switch to Windows 7

Landing in stores October, Windows 7 is sparking a surprisingly heated debate (in our forums, at least) on whether or not upgrading from XP is a good idea. If you’re in the “nay” camp, we’re going to lay out seven reasons why you should consider switching your stance to “yay.” When scanning our list, we […]

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How To Install Windows 7 On Almost Any Netbook

Windows 7 is free for now, and works extremely well on netbooks. That said, installing the OS on these tiny laptops—especially low-end models—can be daunting. Here’s how to do it, the easy way: If the Release Candidate is any indication (and it should be), then Windows 7 will be a nice upgrade for any Windows […]

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