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Windows Phone 7 Multitasking Shown Off On Video

No one was surprised when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and pals discussed the future of Windows Phone 7 multitasking during Monday’s keynote at Mobile World Congress — the company has covered its forthcoming multitasking solution for third-party apps on several occasions in the past. As we all know, it will work much like Apple’s solution. Apps […]

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7 Good Reasons to Switch to Windows 7

Landing in stores October, Windows 7 is sparking a surprisingly heated debate (in our forums, at least) on whether or not upgrading from XP is a good idea. If you’re in the “nay” camp, we’re going to lay out seven reasons why you should consider switching your stance to “yay.” When scanning our list, we […]

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Archos’ Touch Tablet, the Archos9, Runs Windows 7

Although we have yet to hear anything about an Android MID from their event today, Archos has announced the Archos9—a UMPC that runs Windows 7. Unlike its predecessors, which are basic touchscreen internet media tablets, the Archos9 is a touch tablet that can run a full computer OS. It also features a built-in webcam, 120GB hard drive, full touch […]

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How To Install Windows 7 On Almost Any Netbook

Windows 7 is free for now, and works extremely well on netbooks. That said, installing the OS on these tiny laptops—especially low-end models—can be daunting. Here’s how to do it, the easy way: If the Release Candidate is any indication (and it should be), then Windows 7 will be a nice upgrade for any Windows […]

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