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Verizon 4G LTE ‘blows away’ Sprint’s WiMAX in 1,000 speed tests

Sprint is no longer the “4G king,” BTIG Research analyst Walter Piecyk proclaimed on Friday following a massive speed test that pitted Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G against Verizon Wireless’ HTC ThunderBolt. Piecyk and his team conducted more than 1,000 speed tests in New York City to determine which was faster: the ThunderBolt, running on Verizon […]

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4G HTC ThunderBolt Review

With the ThunderBolt, HTC has delivered yet another “first 4G smartphone” following its EVO 4G for Sprint (and the often forgotten MAX 4G introduced in 2008). It’s the first handset to run on Verizon’s brand new 4G LTE network, and it’s an Android smartphone powerhouse that is easily the fastest smartphone on the planet in […]

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Some MacBook Pro Thunderbolt Ports Are Messing with Cinema Displays (video)

Some 24-inch and 27-inch Apple Cinema Displays owners are experiencing distracting flicker when connected to a MacBook Pro via the new Thunderbolt port. Proof is in the video, but with all new tech issues, how widespread is this? [Engadget]  

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