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Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

We have all been in this situation before: It’s cold as brick outside and your phone goes off. If your wearing gloves then this is a situation of life and death. Fumbling around trying to remove a glove, check your phone, put the glove back on, then go about your business can get nasty. These Mujjo touchscreen […]

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The Best Android Apps

Finding stellar Android apps isn’t the easiest task, but that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t exist. best internet marketing good Here’s the cream of the crop. full list after the jump…

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Windows Phone 7 Multitasking Shown Off On Video

No one was surprised when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and pals discussed the future of Windows Phone 7 multitasking during Monday’s keynote at Mobile World Congress — the company has covered its forthcoming multitasking solution for third-party apps on several occasions in the past. As we all know, it will work much like Apple’s solution. Apps […]

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Samsung’s Infuse 4G: A Spectacular Google Android Phone

“Say word????” It’s not what usually comes to mind when I touch a new phone. But Samsung’sInfuse 4G is spectacular. Ridiculously good 4.5-inch screen. 1.2GHz processor. 4G on AT&T. Why, exactly, wasn’t this the new Nexus phone? OK… I see you AT&T more after the jump…..

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First Hands-On and Video: Dell Mini 5 Android Slate (video)

Yesterday, we saw Dell’s Slate concept for the first time. Today, we got to actually play with it. And it’s called the Mini 5. video after the jump…

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Orange to finally launch LG GD910 watch phone next month

More interesting news from the UK today as it looks like LG’s would-be-highly-anticipated-if-not-for-the-insanely-high-rumored-price-tag GD910 watch phone is set to become a reality next month. Orange has reportedly confirmed that LG’s Dick Tracy-esque wrist gear will hit store shelves some time in August as an exclusive, though Orange exclusivity will only be for “a limited time”. The […]

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