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HP Pre 3 Hands-On!

While the HP TouchPad might have been the star of the show in terms of new product announcements, the HP Veer is a sleek little smartphone that shouldn’t be overlooked. And when we say little, we mean liiiiiiittle. This bite-sized bugger is minuscule and yet is somehow manages to pack the punch of a full-sized smartphone. The UI is […]

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Smartphone Buyers Guide: The Best of the Best

As the dust settles from the last two weeks of mobile madness, one question remains unanswered: Which of the new generation of smartphones should you actually buy? We’ve collected everything you need to know. We’ve selected the five phones that most feel like modern handsets to us—the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, the Palm Pre, theHTC Magic (or, as […]

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Palm Pre Review

It’s here. One last effort. A slow, but firm, shove of the chips. All in. Palm’s only hope to save a company once synonymous with smart handheld devices: the Pre. Their eyebrow raised, daring you to call. They flip. Full house. Respectable. Decent. Impressive even. But not the highest hand. READ THE FULL GIZMODO REVIEW […]

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Palm Pre opened torn to shreds, estimated to cost $170

Zero-day teardowns are now a staple of major new product launches, and Rapid Repair is eager to do the deed on the Pre just a few hours after going on sale. Word like “pry,” “razor,” “spudge,” and “difficult” all make appearances in this one, so the long and the short of it is that you don’t want […]

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Palm Pre Touchstone Charger tricks

So it seems that this guy is amazed that the Palm Pre’s charger is sticky…like it makes the phone better… [BBG]

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Desperate for a Pre, woman uses car to create Sprint’s first drive-thru store

NBC Chicago is reporting that an elderly woman who “apparently couldn’t wait to get her Palm Pre” from a local Sprint store — and yeah, we’re pretty sure that’s not the case — decided to plow her car right through the entrance. Best of all, a security camera captured the whole incident. No one was […]

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Best Buy Mobile to get some Pre stock on June 7th?

If this latest bit of Pre intel scored by Boy Genius Report is to be believed, it looks like you might be able to pick up one of 4,500 of Palm’s latest and greatest as early as June 7. According to a tip from a supposed Best Buy insider, the venerable retailer could be gearing […]

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A Closer Look into Palm Pre’s User Interface

If you can’t wait to have your dirty or half-clean paws all over the Palm Pre—according to rumors, it’s coming out this June—here’s are some crystal clear captures of its user interface.

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Palm Pre Touchstone to be an entire product line, not just a charging dock

Although Palm’s reps basically stick to the same script when giving out those lengthy Pre walkthrough demos, every now and again they’ll let something interesting slip — like the fact that the Touchstone inductive charging dock is just the first product in an entire line of Touchstone wireless products. It’s not clear if that simply […]

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