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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint” Album

The music gods over at Complex have done it again. They are always on point with their “lists”. This time around they put together a pretty good list of the top 10 things most people didn’t know about Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint” album. It was arguably Jay-Z’s best album, and for many hip-hop fans in their […]

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Windows 7 Touch Pack: Surface Interface Without the Big-Ass Table

The day this drops out of release beta I WILL cop it. I am currently running Windows 7 on my new pc and I must admit its pretty smooth. A major increase from vista. But anyway…back to the video. More pictures after the jump…

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Smartphone Buyers Guide: The Best of the Best

As the dust settles from the last two weeks of mobile madness, one question remains unanswered: Which of the new generation of smartphones should you actually buy? We’ve collected everything you need to know. We’ve selected the five phones that most feel like modern handsets to us—the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, the Palm Pre, theHTC Magic (or, as […]

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How To: Install Windows Mobile 6.5 Right Now

The bad news: Windows Mobile 6.5 won’t be coming out for a while, and you’ll be expected to buy a whole new phone to get it. The good: You can actually install it today, on your HTC phone. Here’s how. Why should you upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5? Disregarding the mixed coverage the OS has gotten—which tends to compare […]

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Palm Pre Review

It’s here. One last effort. A slow, but firm, shove of the chips. All in. Palm’s only hope to save a company once synonymous with smart handheld devices: the Pre. Their eyebrow raised, daring you to call. They flip. Full house. Respectable. Decent. Impressive even. But not the highest hand. READ THE FULL GIZMODO REVIEW […]

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Google Ion hands-on and unboxing

Looks like Chris’ hatred wasn’t totally unfounded. We just got our hands on a Google Ion — which as you can tell is a spitting image of the HTC Magic — complete with 30 days’ worth of T-Mobile service on an included SIM card. It’s not a public release model, but seems fully capable. Yes, […]

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How To Install Windows 7 On Almost Any Netbook

Windows 7 is free for now, and works extremely well on netbooks. That said, installing the OS on these tiny laptops—especially low-end models—can be daunting. Here’s how to do it, the easy way: If the Release Candidate is any indication (and it should be), then Windows 7 will be a nice upgrade for any Windows […]

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Apple’s Tablet: The Story So Far

  With so many rumors about an Apple tablet buzzing around, it’s hard to believe Apple wouldn’t announce one this year. But what do we really know about this thing? More after the jump…

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Windows 7 RC1: 10 Things You Need to Know

Windows 7‘s about ready to come out of the oven, and now everybody can shove their hands in the warm OS pie. And really, you should. Here’s everything you need to know to dive in.

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Everything Bluetooth and Why Bluetooth 3.0 Is Better

Have you heard? Bluetooth 3.0 sounds like a fantasy spec: Wi-Fi speeds, faster response time and more efficient power usage. Here’s a quick primer on Bluetooth and why Bluetooth 3.0 is going to rock face.

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