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Expensive Apps For The iPad

Hope no one thought the apps were gonna be 99 cents lol. Click here for the full story……Also, here’s a story on why you shouldn’t buy an iPad, not like it’ll stop anyone from getting one…..

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Hits the App Store

The iPhone’s got its first GTA title, and it looks pretty great. As teased before, this is a top-down GTA, and it’s a near-direct port of the Nintendo DS version, albeit with better graphics, and more awkward controls.

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Watch the iPhone Swipe a Credit Card

Square, one of a few iPhone peripherals hoping to turn the iPhone into a credit card swiper, sounds promising. But how does it work? YouTube shows us!

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1 Year After Looking back at the App Store: Revolutionizing Mobile Computing Since 2008

On this auspicious day back in 2008, mobile computing was changed forever. The iPhone 2G had been a pretty toy, full of youthful promise, but it was the App Store that made the iPhone soar. Of course, there had been apps before the App Store. BlackBerry and Palm users had been hunting down new programs on the Internet […]

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8Bitone Chiptunes Synthesizer App Lets You Mix It Like Mario

Give me a few days to test this out to see how I really feel about the app overall. But for the most part 8Bitone is a combination nonlinear audio editor and chiptunes synthesizer, chiptunes being music synthesized in real time on old computer hardware, kinda llike 8-bit game soundtracks. While 8Bittone isn’t the first […]

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Rumor: Apple Considering iPhone Background Apps

Apple’s said no background apps on the iPhone forever, citing it destroys stability and system resources. Today, three reputable publications have independently claimed that Apple is having a change of mind. What the hell?

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Terminator: Salvation for iPhone Looks Remarkably Like a Real Game

The trailer for Gameloft’s iPhone version of its upcoming Terminator: Salvation game leaked, and we’re pretty impressed. We can’t tell how the controls will work, but the graphics and gameplay really do look great. Early reports indicate the game is very smooth and complex, and we can tell from the trailer than specifics of gameplay […]

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