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Motorola Droid X: Subtle Like an Asteroid

Motorola’s Droid X is real. Really, really giant. And it looks like video is going to be how Verizon pushes the 4.3-inch screen: VCAST, a Blockbuster download service, HDMI out and DLNA compatibility. Did I mention it’s gigantinormous?

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First Hands-On and Video: Dell Mini 5 Android Slate (video)

Yesterday, we saw Dell’s Slate concept for the first time. Today, we got to actually play with it. And it’s called the Mini 5. video after the jump…

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Smartphone Buyers Guide: The Best of the Best

As the dust settles from the last two weeks of mobile madness, one question remains unanswered: Which of the new generation of smartphones should you actually buy? We’ve collected everything you need to know. We’ve selected the five phones that most feel like modern handsets to us—the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, the Palm Pre, theHTC Magic (or, as […]

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Video: NVIDIA Tegra’s GPU puts in work with HD video and full-screen Flash

TechVideoBlog sat down with Gordon Grigor, NVIDIA’s Director of Mobile Software to see Tegra’s little Atom smasher in action. So sit back while Gordon smoothly streams a 720p MSN HD trailer off the web (over WiFi) then switches over to Firefox to take Flash for a spin at full-screen. Gordon also clarifies earlier confusion over […]

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AT&T First Android Phone HTC Lancaster Leaked

Engadget apparently hit upon the motherload of AT&T powerpoints: Slides detailing the Palm Eos, a new HP iPaq and probably most thrilling, HTC Lancaster (aka the Android phone we’ve been waiting for). I’ve always wondered what Android would be like on a Touch Pro, that’s basically Lancaster. There is the dreary little note that “Initial […]

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Samsung’s First Android Phone Creeps Closer to Release

The Samsung i7500, the company’s first Android handset, was recently approved by the FCC, which means we’re that much closer to seeing the Android line fleshed out a bit. Like the G1, the i7500 is T-Mobile only for now, and the specs haven’t changed from the first announcement. Having passed this hurdle, the i7500 will […]

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Straight from Singapore, the Samsung i7500 gets captured on video

Samsung’s first Android-powered offering just got some pretty thorough hands on treatment in Singapore. The folks at Tech65 give us a nice 7 minute look at the design of the i7500 in all of its Android-powered glory. With its bezel and brushed metal buttons, the i7500 has a design that seems to to appear on […]

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T-Mobile G1 revision revealed?

If this looks vaguely familiar, that’s because it likely is — we suspect this image out of Boy Genius Report is a newer (or older) render of the “G1 v2″ called out on the recently-leaked Android roadmap out of T-Mobile. It’d make sense — by October, when this is allegedly hitting retail for $150-ish, the […]

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T-Mobile’s Magic / Sapphire / myTouch / G2 getting 5 megapixel cam?

It’s pretty unusual for a manufacturer to take a global model and swap out a component as significant as a camera for one carrier, but it looks like that might just happen with T-Mobile USA’s myTouch — or G2, or Magic, or Sapphire, or whatever the heck it ends up being called. Boy Genius Report’s […]

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Is Dell cooking up an Android-powered netbook?

Um, okay? Straight out of the left-most corner of left field, software provider Bsquare has just outed Dell’s newest netbook — or so it seems. The same company that recently announced that it was bringing Adobe Flash to Android has just revealed that it’ll be doing likewise for “Dell netbooks running Google’s Android platform.” Specifically, […]

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