Dillon Cooper – Kung Foo (Music Video)

Everyone should quickly familiarize themselves with Dillon Cooper (@TheDillonCooper), a hip hop artist hailing from the streets of New York City. Cooper brings a lot to the table: He has a strong command over a wide assembly of flows, always spitting lines packed with syllables and internal rhymes. Occasionally, he teeters over the edge, unleashing a fury of rapid fire raps while never sounding sloppy.

Kung Foo is an incredibly grimy record produced by Phenom (@BeatsByPhenom), and a song that could certainly be described as old school. The scratches and black-and-white footage of the city might immediately create a sense of remembrance for 80s babies, and a false nostalgia for fans of 90s-era hip hop despite being born during or following that time period.

In some ways, Cooper reminds me of a Joey Bada$$. Even his pronunciation of certain words strikes me as similar. With that said, Cooper stands on his own and actually tends to flow more smoothly than the leader of the Pro Era crew.

Be on the lookout for Cooper’s upcoming free album, Cozmik, which drops this Thursday (June 27th). I’m very excited to review this project.

dillon cooper cozmik

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