• Joel Kenol

    50Cent The Best Rapper Alive.Since I was a Kid ive been Fuckin With This Real Music.Any body Talkin Don know Music.Just Look At The Radio Its Done.50 Never Fell Off Yall Stopped like Listening To Him.And my doug Feedin Africa What more Do You Want*50 A ledgend.Music Today Ass*50 Keep It Goin! 50Cents Lost Tapes YO!…

  • Juda

    I Agree Best Rapper Alive Yall Just Reject 50Cent yALL KNO HE USE TO be the only thing on of Your Mp3’s.He Trys to Obtain yall back but you people like Fuck Him.yall hate him for beefin beefin hip hop Culture.One Of The Best Rappers Alive 50.YO fif i LOved Everything yu never fell off your fans did! lost tapes Out Today


    This Some Dope Shit Real Listeners Of Music I mean real Would Know Lyrically 50 Was Born to Rapp Omg these Lines The Flow is Sick.Since 50 Never Say Shit To Yall. Open yall ears THose Lyrics For yal.l
    YO HATERS.Listen Closley You Migt Start to see What Your Rapp-ers DoNot Have! Lost Tapes Sexy Mixtape.50s So smart yall Ghetto people wouldn’t Even know wat he talkin bout!

  • 50 Cent Fan BOY!

    Dope Shit 50 Been Terring Apart Fakes piece by piece.Hes Back With vegence.Whooo hoo (lost tapes)!

  • Rick ROss

    Im fake 50s real i just wanna be like him.i started the beef.Fuck Rick.50cent killed Him And out sold him.Whos real n’ who fake.50 a ledgend Whaaaaaaaaat!

  • JoelKenol

    One Time For (Street king.)Join The 50Cent Movement.

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