Drake Nabs Feature From Andre 3000 On ‘Take Care’

download Drake Andre 3000 'Good Enough for the Both of Us

After being turned down Andre 3000 for his debut EP Thank Me Later, it looks as if the Drake will get a verse from Three Stacks on his upcoming sophomore release Take Care,.

In an interview with The Fader, Drake’s go-to producer Noah “40” Shebib revealed that Andre called Drake to express interest in collaborating on a track for his upcoming album. Rest of the story below.

The night before, Drake received a call from Andre 3000, who said he wanted to get on the rapper’s next LP—and, specifically, on a beat made by 40. The original name of the instrumental was “Good Enough for the Both of Us.”

“What a shitty title!” Drake says.

Suddenly they switch to boardroom mode. Drake, 40, and Drake’s DJ, Future the Prince, discuss Andre 3000 in frank, mathematical terms: the timbre of his voice, the cadences he prefers. They recall his obscure “Walk it Out” freestyle and the run of features since then, and talk about how their instrumental could be modified to better suit Andre’s delivery. A little after three in the morning, Shebib begins the process of protecting Drake from his own niceness. His studio assistant leads me out of the control room, past the atrium where Drake’s lone security guard is watching a samurai movie. Out the front door, past a group of young Toronto teenagers hanging by the rear of the building—unaware of what’s happening just a few steps away from their home, let alone that it’s being done in their honor.

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    Drake doesn’t deserve 3 stacks.