Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait (Mixtape & Tracklist)

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As a present for the delay of his album Tha Carter IV Lil Wayne release the mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait. Wayne takes some of the hottest beats out (including “Marvin’s Room”, “My Last”, “Grove St Party” and “Girls”) and does what he does best. Sorry 4 The Wait has features from Gudda Gudda and Lil B. Peep the official artwork above and listen to mixtape below.

1.) Tunechi’s Back
2.) Rollin’ (Freestyle)
3.) Throwed Off (Freestyle) feat. Gudda Gudda
4.) Gucci Gucci (Freestyle)
5.) Marvin’s Room (Freeestyle)
6.) Sure Thing (Freestyle)
7.) Grove St. Party (Freestyle) feat. Lil B
8.) Racks (Freestyle)
9.) Hands Up (Freestyle)
10.) Sorry 4 The Wait
11.) Inkredible Remix (Freestyle)
12.) IDK (Freestyle)

Download: Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait (Official Mixtape) || CDQ

  • Tyrone A.

    Ayo shits comin ouhtt tomaroo swag swag niggas.

  • michael

    its not coming out tomorrow because people don’t know when the release date is

  • YME

    It will be released tomorrow!

  • nola native

    It will prolly be released tomorrow, im staying up until midnight-1am to see if he does a quick midnight release similar to no ceilings

  • Lilwaldo

    I’ve been waiting on this mother. Go weeezy

  • yo

    where the hell is it

  • kingrob

    where the fuck is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michael

    my bad i found out that he is dropping it tomorrow! yeeaa

  • kingrob

    wtf wat time? thursday?

  • Mz.Tw0-ThR33

    Its comin out today!
    “Few spittin da sweet…
    F**k b*tches, get money…
    Mission complete!”
    Datz was up!

  • JunyaBoy59

    Da Whole mixtape go hard got it 5 mins ago

  • Sunshine

    If you already got it then you got the leaked version which is different. It has still not been officially released. Hopefully, it will be released sometime this week, but who knows, weezy hasn’t even told us when the release date is.

    • Dr. Eros Lubomir

      Correct, but the mixtape will be officially released later today on WeezyThanxYou (Source)

  • Lilwaldo

    Its out guys and wrests goes harder then ever

  • YungNUkEsWAgCuS

    Yo My Dude Weezy WENT IN ! in THIS MIXTAPE yu betta go in like dhis in tha carter iv. straight up my favorite track wus gucci gucci. fantastic job. u a rap king. u the best rapper alive. well besides jay z, nas, and jay z. but u a beast good job

  • Ldub

    This mixtape is pretty good actually, but it doesnt compare to what dropped a while back, Bad Meets Evil: Hell The Sequel, its more raw, but this music has some feel good to it, BME is just hardcore, wayne is a great entertainer tho!

  • Lil Wayne Style

    I prefer three songs of this Mixtape! Between, you can read the lyrics of Sorry 4 The wait here:


  • Nyaaar

    Suree Thing Freestyle <3 Boomb !


    Sorry 4 the wait the song is the best to me.
    listen to it

  • bandwagon

    Get this bitch on youtube

  • carrassell

    love wayne. repping home town. NO<3 he went sour for a while…lost who he was. he finally came back. dropped a monster on us

  • lov

    this mixtape go to hard

  • Anonymous


  • JBreezy



  • thurs

    Dis boi is the best rapper alive hands dwn

  • http://johnotronoldfacbook john odonnell

    LIl wayne is the best rpper alive today and will be for the rest of his life keep up the good work man cant wait till the carter five comes out the carter four is just amazing we cant thank you enough for all your hard work love you weezy

  • swaqqedtfout

    wheres rollin in the deep freestyle??

  • poloswagg

    Tunechi’s bckk,tunechi’s bckk so all hands up but sorry fa da wait!!!!!!brah diz album go too hard!! N fa awll yhall h8ters go”suck a dxck fa a new outfit”we <3 yhu weezy

    • Scotty

      first off can you speak english please… and second its a mixtape not an album

  • realnigga54

    wayne u think u da best but boosie ips ya head off n wen he gets out of jail u aint gunna be shyt

  • realnigga54

    fuck poloswagg
    he a wayne dick ryda