This Is the Apocalyptic Storm Hitting the US Right Now

Get ready, because the snowpocalypse is back. This snow storm system is hugeNASA Goddard has released this amazing image, showing how it looks from space—bloody scary, that’s how. Its kinda strange though that we are not seeing any snow in Maryland this morning. Guess we will see as the day goes on…

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This Is the Apocalyptic Storm Hitting the US Right Now

The image was captured by the GOES-13 satellite, operated by NOAA. They say that this “massive winter storm affecting a large portion of great plains and midwest” is just getting worse:

A large swath of blizzard warnings, winter storm warnings, freezing rain advisories, winter weather advisories and winter storm watches are in effect, stretching from new Mexico and the Southern Plains northeastward through the Midwest and into the upper Mid-Atlantic and New England.

According to NOAA, the storm will hit really hard over Texas tonight, “and intensify rapidly as it moves northeast into the Ohio Valley Tuesday night and Wednesday, then eventually re-form off the mid-Atlantic or New England coast late Wednesday.”

In other words: Expect extreme travel disruption and lots of snow zombies over the next 48 hours.

Whatever amount of snow we get lets just be happy its not that they get in the Japanese Alps below

and word is they get this every year….

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