Nicki Minaj Covers BlackBook Magazine (March Pop Issue)

Nicki Minaj get the cover of the March Pop Issue of BlackBook. More pictures from the shoot below.

Interesting first line of the article …

 The first rule of a Nicki Minaj interview is simple: do not ask about her ass.

Then later in the interview Nicki talks about being an entertainer.

Minaj’s theatrics—specifically her appropriation of Barbie, a doll known for perpetuating impossible body measurements, gender stereotypes, and the importance of sameness—have emphasized the plastic over the personal, calling into question her authenticity as a musician. (“Fake” is a term that gets regularly lobbed around by her critics.) “I’m definitely playing a role,” she says. “I’m an entertainer, and that’s what entertainers do. That’s what people pay for. They don’t pay to see me roll out of bed with crust in my eyes, and say: Hey guys, this is me, authentic. They pay for a show.” Like Lady Gaga, Minaj has come under fire for branding herself as an outcast, for personifying feelings of alienation with the hope of reaching a larger group of fans and selling more albums. “When I started doing all that weird stuff, I never thought in a million years that it would mean more people would start listening to my music,” she says. “It was basically a ‘fuck you’ to everyone who told me what to do and who to be.”

[View Full Interview here]


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