XXL Interview with [No I.D.] on Jay-Z’s upcoming “Blueprint 3″

XXL recently spoke with [No I.D.] (one of the producers of the upcoming album) on the current production stages of Jay-Z’s upcoming album “The Blueprint 3.” There is currently no set date on the release of Jay-Z’s 10th upcoming studio album. Check out the article here: NoI.D. on Jay-Z’s “Blueprint 3″

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  • http://roffleberyy@hotmail.com Roff

    “No I.D.” is the name of one of the producers working on the album

  • http://Adventoutpost.com 3stackz

    Yea, thanks for the update.
    I’ll be sure to let DjAntik know about that…

  • http://adventoutpost.com djantik

    thanks for the info Roff